Electric repairs Calgary: Can I Replace an Electrical Panel Myself?

The electrical panel in your home is essential to keep your home functioning with power, and when this panel’s ability to work discontinues, it can wreak havoc on your household. An electric panel can stop working because of faulty wiring, it is at an advanced age and is expiring, it’s no longer up to code, or your home may have an outdated power system. Although you may be in a rush to conduct these electric repairs in Calgary yourself and undertake this challenging task so your home can operate normally again, there are risks involved. A homeowner can potentially complete these types of DIY repairs if they have a permit or a licence that allows them to do so. Still, you must factor in safety and how your own experience configuring electrical items compares to that of a professional electrician.

Find out the signs that your control panel is in desperate need of repair if you can repair electrical panels yourself, what the risks are, and the benefits of hiring a professional. 

Signs your control panel needs repairs

There are explicit signs that can arise that will let you know that your electric panel needs repairs or could potentially require a replacement. If your control panel suddenly produces a burning smell, this tends to mean that the control panel contains a bad circuit breaker or a wire has been disconnected. A burning smell can eventually culminate in a small electrical fire, so this issue should be examined as soon as possible. If you also begin to notice that the lights in your home have started to flicker, it could mean something is loose inside the panel, and you could need a replacement. If you’re also running all appliances in your home at full speed and capacity, you should look at the state of your panel to see to ensure it’s not becoming damaged. 

Repairing an electric panel yourself

When you notice the signs that point to a damaged electrical panel that needs repairs, you might be tempted as a homeowner to mend the panel yourself. But this is something that you shouldn’t try to do due to the dangers involved. Because you are handling high voltages of electricity in electrical panels, a single mistake can lead to a severe injury or even death. Further, the entire process of repairing an electrical panel is complex, and the knowledge to fix it cannot be easily adopted using online resources. More so, in some locations, you will need a permit to work on electrical repairs yourself due to the dangers involved. Because of this, you will have to look into the local mandates in your community that could prohibit your ability to resolve any electrical problems yourself. 

Hiring an electrician 

Hiring a licensed electrician will prove to be a much better option when you need your electrical panel fixed rather than doing it yourself if you lack the experience. An electrician can better determine the root cause of why your panel isn’t working properly and what the solution is. If the repairs require rewiring your home’s electrical system, this can easily be completed by a qualified electrician. 

Doing your electric repairs in Calgary yourself can be very hazardous, and such risks should be heeded. Protect your home and yourself by hiring a skilled electrician to fix your electrical panel. 

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