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What Is The Cost of Aluminum Wiring Replacement?

As we continue to make advancements in the field of electrical science, we’re exposed to the ways in which our previous codes and standards are no longer suitable. This means that older homes may have been built properly, but their electrical wiring no longer meets the standards that we hold today.

For those looking for peace of mind and a safer electrical system, opting to call a Calgary electrician for an aluminum wiring replacement may be worth exploring. But how much will such a project cost? And why should aluminum wiring be replaced in the first place? Let’s take a closer look.

How Much Do Aluminum Wiring Replacements Cost?

Aluminum wiring replacements can be a rather costly home improvement project to take on, ranging anywhere from $300 to $500 per outlet. This can add to up to between $8,000 and $15,000 for replacing the wiring in an entire house.

Therefore, some homeowners may opt to simply repair the aluminum wiring instead, which can cut the price tag in half. However, it’s important to note that this is not a permanent solution and does not remove the fire hazard altogether.

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Why Should Aluminum Wiring Be Replaced?

In terms of functionality, aluminum wiring works exactly like copper, which is what you will find in more modern homes and builds. However, its main issue lies in its connections and conductivity.

When the electrical current passes through the cables and connectors, the wires begin to expand and eventually heat up. While thermal expansion is normal and to be expected, regardless of the type of wire, aluminum wiring expands three times as much as copper wiring. 

When the electricity is turned off and wires cool down, the wiring contracts and the connectors, in theory, follow suit. However, the aluminum wiring places so much pressure on the connectors that, over time, they begin to lose their shape and fail to seal completely to the wiring. These small gaps expose the wires to oxygen, which then oxidizes and allows the connection point to heat up even more. 

As the gap widens, the oxidation continues, and the connections loosen, you increase the risk for fire hazards.

While aluminum wiring replacements are undoubtedly a large undertaking, they are worth your consideration. Don’t hesitate to contact a Calgary electrician when approaching the project, as they will be able to offer you a number of options and solutions.

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