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Professional Electrical Services

About Us

COLZ ELECTRIC provides a full array of residential and commercial electrical services in Calgary and the surrounding areas. We are ready to come out to your home, or business for regular services, or urgent after-hours electrical needs.

COLZ ELECTRIC ensures all electrical services, equipment and materials used will be up to code and regulations. Our strength is our passion to provide honest quality work to our customers.

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Our Services

Service Calls

If you need the services of a certified electrician, whether if it's to replacing your smoke detectors, replacing old fixtures, installation of new electrical equipment or the repair of existing equipment, no problem Colz Electric can help!

Panel Upgrades

Today’s modern gadgets and appliances can easily overload the electrical system in many homes, causing issues that could easily be prevented. There are many different signs that indicate you may need a panel upgrade, like breakers that constantly trip, or the need to turn off one appliance to use another, flickering lights. These are only a few of many signs. Old electrical panels can create danger to your family and home, which can cause a fire, or electrical injuries.

Lighting Upgrades

Lighting upgrades in your space can save you thousands of dollars over time. Nearly 40% of your monthly power bill is probably going toward lighting. Lighting should be a clear place to start cutting costs. Upgrading your lighting system will decrease usage and overhead instantly, and also pay off in long-term energy efficiency.


Our professional electricians are experienced in all aspects of installations and electrical wiring whether it is developing a basement, a kitchen and bathroom renovation, a room addition, adding or changing one light fixture or a complete interior and exterior lighting layout, you can count on COLZ Electric completing the work to the highest standards.


Looking to expand your home into your basement? Or building a garage? Developing your basement or building a garage will make you love your house even more, it is also a great investment in your home. Having the electrical done right and to code is important for your safety and peace of mind. COLZ electric will work with you to create the perfect electrical layout and also obtain the permit and arrange for an inspection when it's required.


Electrical maintenance is the key to protect equipment and systems that supply electricity to a residential, industrial or commercial building. We offer troubleshooting and performing electrical repairs. We do any small or large electrical maintenance.

Air Conditioning

If you are interested in coming home to a cool fresh oasis, and to be able to beat the heat of the summer, COLZ ELECTRIC can help. We install new systems, offers emergency repairs, and tune ups on your central air system. We can also recommend the right model that is most efficient for your home.

Solar Energy

Alter your current electricity expenses into a solar investment that actually delivers a return. Protect yourself from increasing utility costs while protecting the environment.


For your commercial electrical needs Colz Electric provides our clients with a professional, reliable and cost effective installation.

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Why Choose Colz?

Let us customize your house or business with unique, modern, and specialialized electrical upgrades. Colz Electric is a business that specializes in residential, commercial, renovations, troubleshooting, and much more. Colz believes in delivering incredible value, gaining trust and upholding customer satisfaction! Read our reviews at HomeStars