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Summer Power Outages: Why They Happen

Unfortunately, power outages don’t take summer vacations. If anything, it often seems as though they make an appearance at the worst possible moment. Blackouts during heat waves can be inconvenient to most and even dangerous to others.


So why do summer power outages occur? We list a few of the possible causes below.


4 Reasons Why Power Outages Happen in the Summer


Sustained Demand


During a heatwave, the demand for power drastically increases. As the power transformers work overtime to provide energy to those requesting it, it begins to heat up. While this can be expected, they do require time to cool off. Normally, the transformers find time to do this overnight, when less power is being used. 


However, when the temperature is so hot, people will continue to use their air conditioners and fans throughout the night, preventing the transformers from taking a break. This can cause them to overheat and damage the electrical systems.

Man restoring power on circuit breaker after electricity outage

To prevent any or further damage, circuit breakers or other protective equipment will shut off the flow of power. This then creates a power outage.




With heatwaves come summer storms. Lightning strikes and circuit failures may increase the likelihood of a power outage due to the system’s inability to maintain a regular power flow.


Tornados are also born out of extreme heat. Their intense winds are able to knock out power lines, while flying debris creates the risk of damaging the lines and transformers.


Overloaded Lines


Like the transformers, power lines can heat up during times of high demand, as well as expand and sag. This might cause the lines to droop into nearby tree branches, thus causing them to tangle and short circuit. This then shuts off power to that entire power line.




This one may be less expected, but animals are actually a huge cause of power outages. From squirrels and other rodents to birds, animals can compromise the flow of energy by damaging the power lines or crawling inside power boxes.


It’s important to note that whenever power outages occur during the summer, trust that professionals are working to resolve the problem. 


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