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Power Outage Tips & Tricks

Sudden power outages can be so jarring and unexpected that they can leave you stupefied in complete darkness and unsure of what to do next. 

Even though the electricity has been zapped from your home, it doesn’t mean you need to be a sitting duck until the power comes back on. 

Until a Calgary electrician can assist you, there are many self-sufficient ways to cope with power outages. Below we have compiled a list of insightful tips and tricks that will prepare you for the unexpected.

How-To: Deal with a Power Outage

Prepare For The Long Haul

Power outages can vary drastically, lasting anywhere from a few seconds to several hours. If your power isn’t coming back any time sooner, it’s best to anticipate a longer power outage by allocating necessities effectively until the power comes back. 

For families, it is recommended to have a 72-hour emergency preparedness kit on hand during potential power outages. The kit can supply a family with common necessities and supplies for up to three days. 

Mind Your Electronics & Appliances

A staple for power outages is to make sure to have backup batteries for electronics – they’re handy for any essential use. 

In addition, a good way to protect your electronic devices is to use a surge protector. How does this help? A surge protector protects your electronics from sudden power loss because of voltage spikes. It notably comes in handy during lightning strikes.

To avoid damage from overload when the power is restored, make sure to disconnect any electrical appliances and equipment. 

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Wary of Carbon Monoxide

During a power outage, it’s strongly recommended not to use anything that emits carbon monoxide. This includes indoor barbeques, kerosene heaters, or camp stoves. When you use gas stoves for too long with poor ventilation, it can be incredibly dangerous. 

If you need to keep warm, you can do so by bundling up with a few layers. Also, if you’re living with other people, you can keep warm together and stay close to one another to retain body heat.

Preserve Your Food

Appliances like your fridge and freezer will be down with the power off, leaving your food high and dry to get spoiled. You can use a cooler filled with either ice or snow to help keep food cold.

However, once a power outage is over, it’s important to look through your fridge and freezer in case anything becomes spoiled anyway. If power has been out for more than 48 hours, it’s best to throw out all refrigerated food. 

Get Electrical Repairs

Homes are not completely immune to damages inflicted from a power outage. Common cases of brief power outages happen due to extreme weather conditions or a planned interruption from your service provider. In other instances, some power outages can result from faulty wiring or an issue with your home’s electrical system. If these issues persist, it’s best to reach out for electrical repairs. Make sure to save some of your phone’s battery life to make a call to your local electrician!

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