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How To Use Less Electricity

Whether you want to save money on your electric bill, decrease your carbon footprint, or a combination of both, using less electricity is always a good start. Fortunately, there are many small and simple ways to accomplish this. Once implemented, you are certain to see the difference within weeks!

If you ever want advice on how to save electricity, reach out to your Calgary electrician! They will be more than happy to offer tips and tricks. But in the meantime, here are a few ways worth exploring.

5 Ways To Use Less Electricity

Turn off unnecessary lights

This is an easy step: simply turn off the lights as you leave a room! While you may know that you’re returning to that space in your house later on, the minutes can add up when it comes to electrical usage. 

Additionally, consider replacing any incandescent bulbs with LED ones. That way, when the lights are on, they’re not eating up as much power. 

Unplug unused electronics

Power on standby can account for 10% of your home’s annual electrical use. We’re talking laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, and even toasters and kettles. While some are easier to plug in when needed than others, by unplugging just a few of your unused electronics, you could see a significant difference.

Alternatively, consider getting a power strip. This will allow you to control which appliances or electronics are getting electricity with the flip of a switch, rather than actively unplugging them before bed every night.

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Use natural light

Take advantage of that free energy source: the sun! Particularly in the summer months, lights are rarely needed during the day, provided your blinds are open and the sun is shining through. By essentially cutting your lighting needs in half during the sunnier months, you’ll notice a drop in your electric bill.

Air dry your clothing

Your dryer is a huge energy spender. So next time you run a load of laundry, consider skipping the dryer and invest in a drying rack instead! While this method requires a little more patience, the electricity you will save will be significant. 

Alternatively, if you’re dedicated to your dryer, simply wait to do laundry until you have a full load. That way, you’ll be able to run a single cycle, rather than using the dryer in extended bursts.

Keep your oven door closed

Every time you open your oven door, the internal temperature can drop up to 25 degrees. This then requires your oven to use additional electricity to heat your oven back up. Therefore, try to utilize your oven window or light and minimize the number of times you need to open your oven.

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